Ideal Cut Diamonds

Ideal Cut

No other material on earth can capture and reflect light the way a diamond does. But transforming light into brilliance requires exceptional human skill. Cut most dramatically affects the beauty of every stone. Most diamonds are cut to retain maximum weight from the original rough stone, sacrificing potential sparkle. Achieving an Ideal Cut is more difficult and costly, yet it provides much more brilliance.

When a stone is cut too deeply or too shallow, light is lost through the bottom and the sides; the diamond may appear dark and glassy. A round brilliant diamond cut with 57 facets and perfectly symmetrical proportions captures and beams back light in all its brightness and sparkle.

When a round brilliant diamond has been cut to “ideal proportions”, all of the light entering from any direction is dispersed and totally reflected from its heart up through the table, creating a brilliance beyond compare. Such a perfect symmetry is only achieved by a master diamond cutter.