Canary Yellow Diamonds

Canary Yellow Diamonds

This is the first time “Cultured Diamonds” have been available in Gem Quality at a reasonable price.

Have you seen the hottest trends in diamond jewelry?

From the Academy Award shows to fashion magazines, everyone is talking about Brilliant Canary Yellow Diamonds. However, not everyone could afford to own them. Yellow diamonds have always been rare and costly, Until now

Mayfair Jewelers is proud to introduce Canary Yellow Cultured Diamonds to the Northeast, at one-third the price of comparable natural diamonds.

Selected as one of only a dozen premier jewelry stores to have the Gemesis Cultured Canary Yellow Diamonds, Mayfair Jewelers invites you to stop in today and see for yourself how these exquisite cultured yellow diamonds re-create the brilliance of the sun.

Wear these vivid canary yellow cultured diamonds and watch as heads turn to bask in their splendor and style.