Gemstone Jewelry


Colored gemstones are as individual as you are. They come in every color shape and size, form reasonable price to nearly priceless. Colored gems bring the passion out in real jewelry lovers. The perfect centerpiece to have Mayfair Jewelers custom design a piece around.

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Tanzanite has recently been designated as an additional birthstone for December. Tanzanite occurs in all shades of blue to purple, a vivid deep blue with hints of purple is considered the most desirable.

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is used as a substitute birthstone for December (see blue zircon).

Blue Zircon

Blue zircon is the December birthstone (tanzanite, turquoise and blue topaz December). This is a fairly uncommon gem that most people have never seen.


Citrene is a yellowish gemstone that is used as the November birthstone as a substitute for the more costly golden topaz.


Topaz is the November birthstone (golden color) and it occurs in most colors. The smoky darker blue topaz (called London blue) is used as the December birthstone as a substitute for the less common blue zircon.


Tourmaline is a gemstone that occurs in almost every color, the pink variety is used for the October birthstone as a substitute for the much less available pink zircon.


Peridot is the August birthstone. The normal color range for peridot is a light yellowish green to a fairly dark slightly yellowish green color. Occasionally peridot will be found in a light brown color.


October’s birthstone (along with rose zircon and pink tourmaline as a substitute for opal). Opal is commonly known as an opaque milky color gemstones with flashes of red, blue and green (called play of color). Opal also occurs in almost any color and can be transparent to translucent.


The birthstone for June (Alexandrtie is also a June birthstone). Natural pearls are virtually nonexistent today. Natural pearls are those that are found in oysters where man has not inserted a seed (nucleus) to start the formation of the pearl.


The birthstone for July. Ruby is red and if it crosses the threshold of red into pink it is now a pink sapphire. Ruby and sapphire are the same mineral (corundum) and the red variety is ruby. Ruby is very durable and second in hardness to diamond.


Alexandrite is the birthstone for June (along with pearl). This gem is rare and found in Brazil, Sri Lanka and Russia. The name alexandrite comes from the Russian Czar’s daughter Alexandra.


The birthstone for May. The color of Emerald ranges from a light green/ yellowish green to a vivid green/ slightly bluish green. The most valuable color is a deep very slightly bluish green.


The September birthstone, most commonly blue, but occurs in pink, yellow, pinkish orange, orange, yellow, purple, green and colorless. The blue color is what most people think of as sapphire and is by far the most common color.