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Mayfair goes directly to Antwerp Belgium - Diamond Capitol of the world and buys the diamonds direct, eliminating the middleman and passes the savings on to our customers.

Mayfair Jewelers scours the world markets from Antwerp to Bombay to Tel- Aviv and over 2000 domestic diamond dealers to find beautiful well priced diamonds.  We do the work to get the best diamond values, our customers deserve it.  We work hard so you don’t have to.

Necklaces diamond n1196wg

Necklaces diamond n1196wg

Ideal Cut

No other material on earth can capture and reflect light the way a diamond does. But transforming light into brilliance requires exceptional human skill. Cut most dramatically affects the beauty of every stone. Most diamonds are cut to retain maximum weight from the original rough stone, sacrificing potential sparkle. Achieving an Ideal Cut is more difficult and costly, yet it provides much more brilliance.

When a stone is cut too deeply or too shallow, light is lost through the bottom and the sides; the diamond may appear dark and glassy. A round brilliant diamond cut with 57 facets and perfectly symmetrical proportions captures and beams back light in all its brightness and sparkle.

When a round brilliant diamond has been cut to “ideal proportions”, all of the light entering from any direction is dispersed and totally reflected from its heart up through the table, creating a brilliance beyond compare. Such a perfect symmetry is only achieved by a master diamond cutter.

Pure Grown Diamonds

Pure Grown Diamonds are Lab created (man grown) and are physically, chemically and optically identical to earth grown diamonds. Pure Grown diamonds occur in all the qualities that earth grown diamonds do but are significantly less costly.

Pure Grown Diamonds

Brilliant Canary Yellow Cultured Diamonds

This is the first time “Cultured Diamonds” have been available in Gem Quality at a reasonable price.

Have you seen the hottest trends in diamond jewelry?

From the Academy Award shows to fashion magazines, everyone is talking about Brilliant Canary Yellow Diamonds. However, not everyone could afford to own them. Yellow diamonds have always been rare and costly, Until now

Mayfair Jewelers is proud to introduce Canary Yellow Cultured Diamonds to the Northeast, at one-third the price of comparable natural diamonds.

Selected as one of only a dozen premier jewelry stores to have the Gemesis Cultured Canary Yellow Diamonds, Mayfair Jewelers invites you to stop in today and see for yourself how these exquisite cultured yellow diamonds re-create the brilliance of the sun.

Wear these vivid canary yellow cultured diamonds and watch as heads turn to bask in their splendor and style.


  • You receive a complete written guarantee and appraisal to assure you the best possible diamond value.
  • Mayfair Jewelers guarantees the quality of your setting to be the highest industry standards.
  • Free Warranty protects your investment so that it can be worn with peace of mind as well as with pride. Free warranty does not apply to sale merchandise. (limitations apply)
  • Ask our diamond experts if any other concerns need to be addressed to make you comfortable with your purchase; we will surely oblige.


Mayfair Jewelers understands your credit needs for major purchases and offers three convenient payment plans to make buying easy on your budget. Choose from:

  • Layaway plan
  • Open-end credit account with Mayfair Jewelers credit card
  • All major credit cards

Your diamond experts at Mayfair Jewelers will be pleased to explain the various convenient payment plans to help you choose the one that is best for you.